In a nutshell, NLP is a way of helping a person change their behavior by changing the way in which they perceive the world. This is based on the idea that every person has a unique perspective on the world or a unique world map that has been created from the experiences that person has had. This perspective then determines how each person behaves in certain circumstances or how each person responds to certain emotions.

Each and every person does have a unique perspective on the world and that includes children of all ages. The kids in your classroom are no different. Some of them have come from homes in which they have been shown great respect and love from parents who have very good parenting skills.

Others have come from homes in which they have suffered either physical or emotional abuse at the hands of their parents or someone else. These kids are going to have very different ideas about how the world works.

The great thing about NLP is that you can work with anyone, no matter what view they have of the world. One of the most important tools in the NLP toolbox is how to communicate with people by understanding their primary sense system.

A person’s primary sense system is the main sense system they use to take in information and with which they experience the world around them. The sense systems are visual, audio, and kinesthetic and when you understand which sense system each of your students uses, you can then determine the best way to convey information to them.


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NLP For Teachers – Introduction of NLP in the Classroom

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