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เข็มทิศชีวิตมั่งคั่ง-Happiness&success -NLP Training Dedenart Napattalung Certified Instructor & Master Hypnotherapy , Thailand's all time bestselling spiritual teacher -inspirational writer with more than 1400000 copies book sold. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)Training in Thailand www.compassNLP.com งานเปิดตัวหนังสือเข็มทิศชีวิต5มั่งคั่ง ของครูอ้อย ฐิตินาถ ณ พัทลุง rated: viewed:

More success in life with NLP

More success in life with NLP Professional NLP: confidence & competence, fun and tradition The trainers of www.nlpzentrum.at talk about professional NLP. Reputable training, highly qualified trainers, 25 years of experience. Profiling – coaching – intervention. The OeTZ-NLP&NLPt is the