Who is Hypnosis and NLP?

Hypnosis and NLP is based in the UK and provides training, coaching and personal development to individuals and organisations. We work both nationally and internationally and aim to help our clients and customers achieve excellence in all that they do.

We help you “to identify your true potential” and “focus on your goals” making the changes necessary in your work and your life. We use NLP, Coaching, Time Based Techniques and Hypnosis to help you achieve those changes.

Our Mission

Here at Hypnosis and NLP we work to the highest standards of Training and Coaching using world class techniques for the best in organisational and personal development today. We work constantly to develop our understanding of what is necessary to create choices for all those individuals and organisations who are looking at change for the better. We work to provide better and deeper connections for all of those we work with.

Our Values

It is our Values that help us to be motivated towards the behaviours needed for success. They provide the compass to guide us along our journey and generating the results we desire. We know the importance of values and we work with yours and our values to get the right result.

We know that we create our own results and that we have all of the resources that we need to create those results. We work towards providing al lof our clients with the same beliefs by providing lifelong learning and personal development and support.


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